Chalmers Mountain Road

Status: Available

Acres: 652.1

Price: $3,500,000 (5,368 per acre)

Features: Topography is gently rolling to steep in places around the drainages. The property is a blend of the piedmont, foothills and the mountains. Higher elevations give good views into the nearby national forest. Some of the mountains within 4 miles are: Stumphouse, Turnip Top, Ross, Station, Tamassee Knob, Long and Dodge.

Description: 651.11 acres of forest land with a large pond. The 12 acre pond is filled with excellent quality water solely from the property for sale. Different age classes of trees from saplings to old growth hardwoods along with several perennial streams provide a significant amount of biological diversity throughout the property. See detailed description map that is attached. Mostly old growth hardwood and scattered pine, 232 Acres, 80 years plus; Hardwood and pine, 24 acres, 12 years old; Loblolly pine plantation, 36 acres, 6 years old; Loblolly pine plantation, 70.0 acres, 23 years old; Loblolly pine plantation, 7 acres, 62 years old; Natural regeneration, 270 acres, 10 years old. There is a significant value in the timber resources found on the property; however, most of the merchantable trees provide more value due to their aesthetic qualities rather than their value for fiber production.

Comments: Located about one mile to the west of the new Walhalla High School , a $30 million plus facility now under construction.

Location: Oconee County, South Carolina, 3 miles north of Walhalla, SC, between Chalmers Mountain Road and White Cut Road. See following maps. Tax maps: 106-00-01-006 and 106-00-01-005